Acoustic measurements of the room – ACOUSTIC PROJECT!

You do not know how to prepare your room acoustically?

Do you have problems with measurements?

We will help with the adaptation of home, study and public use!

The preparation of an optimal acoustic project requires appropriate knowledge and experience. Deciding on our services you get a professionally made acoustic project with 3D visualization. Thanks to the visualization, the customer can see the final effect of our idea. When preparing the project, in addition to acoustics, we also follow the aesthetics, which is also important for the final effect and customer satisfaction. For the initial analysis of the room we need – several pictures of the room, dimensions of the room and information on what the walls are made of (if there is no such information, we can take the average factor).

When buying our acoustic panels, we will prepare a project for you with 3D visualization absolutely for free!

Write to us, we will present you the details!

    Pomiary akustyczne pomieszczenia - projekty akustyczne 2 Pomiary akustyczne pomieszczenia - projekty akustyczne