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Sound-absorbing foam
Sound absorbing foam solution

Acoustic foam - sound absorption

Sound-absorbing foam, also known as an acoustic foam is the answer for problem that many artists and companies encounter at every step. When recording soundtracks or working in rooms of different sizes, the sound propagates creating a destructive reverb. This situation means that the actions taken are characterized by low work efficiency and quality of recorded soundtracks.

The sound is not always pleasant. Especially when it spreads indefinitely creating a loud echo. Absorbing parts of it is necessary to achieve harmonious cleanliness, improve the room acoustics or prevent interlocutors in one room from interfering with each other.

Sound absorbing foam - where to use to them?

The sound-absorbing foam must be installed in an appropriate manner to be effective. It is also worth paying attention to the room in which we imagine the foam. The main thing is not to go to extremes. The room should not be too large, but in too small it will also be difficult to achieve acoustic perfection. Fortunately, most of the rooms are adapted to sound-absorbing foams and we will mount them there successfully.

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Acoustic foam - when to use it?

Noise is necessary to combat especially when recording soundtracks. Artists cannot afford unwanted noises when recording, because this will later affect the songs or video. This is one of the reasons why every music vlogger and artist should buy sound-absorbing foam for the room where he works.

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TV studios and companies in which many phone conversations with clients are conducted face similar problems. Individuals can then feel discomfort associated with the reverberation coming from the environment. Placing foams in the office should help in the effectiveness of the conversations. We can be sure that we will get less chance for the customer to hear more than one salesperson on the handset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently questions asked by our Customers. We hope these answers will address any questions you might have about sound-absorbing foam.

How do you install an acoustic foam?

Installing the acoustic foam purchased at is extremely easy. Each foam comes with adhesive strips which make mounting the foam very simple.

Where can I buy an acoustic foam?

You can purchase a high quality acoustic foam of a high sound-absorption coefficient at – our online store with acoustic structures. We also accept email orders and sell our products on Amazon.

How much does an acoustic foam cost?

Professional, melamine sound-absorbing foams sold by our internet store start at 10 euro for a foam sized 40 x 40 x 2 cm.