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Acoustic screens - Soundwall

If you do not yet use a product, which are acoustic screens for drums, it is worth considering their possibilities. Acoustic screens for drums Especially when there are many musical instruments in the vicinity during the performances and it is necessary to separate the sounds from each other. Ultimately, it is important to achieve acoustic harmony and a clean path. Find out exactly what the benefits are of using them. Often, during the recording and live performances, you can notice the use of more instruments and microphones at the same time. It is worth asking yourself whether all the sounds emitted correctly harmonize with each other. Acoustic screens make it easier to separate individual elements and instruments from microphones. Artists can use microphones in this way and use instruments without fear that the whole will be picked up incorrectly.

Acoustic Screens
Acoustic screens for percussion

Acoustic screens for drums - Will we use them only for one purpose?

One of the many advantages of acoustic screens for drums is the possibility of using them in multiple ways. Some bands and companies use them to somehow isolate the instrument from the rest and make the acoustics better. Similar screens are used even in various types of rooms and offices to separate positions from each other. Products adapted to the most varied situations have facilities supporting everyday use. Artists can find in them elements such as delicate edges, additional parts supporting safety during transport and convenient transitions adapted to microphone cables.

What do acoustic percussion screens look like?

Acoustic screens and percussion drums fit the most frequently encountered needs of customers. Transparent products make the whole not only fulfill its basic functions, but also serves as an additional aesthetic element. The size visible in some photos may raise questions about moving from place to place. It's possible using the right protective material. We will meet different dimensions of screens, because designers are doing everything to compose the final look with the requirements and needs of potential customers. The demand of individual companies, teams and artists is monitored in real time and on this basis the elements are constructed.

Additional security - a percussion acoustic screen?

Many customers decide to purchase additional security in the form of a case. Made to measure the product, we will transport the acoustic screen percussion without any worries during each route. It is worth considering a similar solution due to the high value and usefulness of the product. Situations conducive to the risk of damage may significantly reduce the final quality of the performance if the screen is destroyed. Now you know how to use acoustic screens to ensure acoustic harmony in every place and during all stage performances. The quality of soundtracks on a completely different level.