Hybrid Acoustic Panels

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Hybrid acoustic panels

It has been known for a long time that acoustic panels on the walls allow for impeccable sound quality in the room. Many creators and companies have problems with noise control in their premises. Regardless of whether you are talking about a recording studio or an office, acoustic wall panels with a small contribution bring acoustic harmony to a much higher level. Acoustic panels for walls - How to use in recording studios? The number one problem faced by the creators is the appropriate incorporation of the product, which are acoustic panels for walls for their activities. Some creators record vocal music, others use instruments. Some create video and record podcasts for people who like to listen to sound material on the road. All of them have one dilemma with which they struggle regularly - unwanted sounds from the environment.

During similar recordings even the sounds of home appliances and other residents can destroy the entire soundtrack. Sometimes a situation occurred when the material had to be registered from the beginning. Acoustic wall panels, for good luck, fit into most rooms, which means you can be sure about their effectiveness. Then the only problem remains the choice of the pattern that best suits our sense of taste. With many designs and projects, it also will not make us a big problem.

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Hybrid Acoustic Panels
Hybrid Acoustic Panels solution

Where to use to make them work?

Hybrid acoustic panels work well in all kinds of office rooms. Especially in noisy rooms where employees make a large number of calls to customers. Then they need a bit of silence when other voices are constantly being heard in the background. Traders are selling products by the way, making the voice spread all around. The discs can definitely reduce the reverberation and allow quiet conversations. In this way we will avoid an awkward customer reaction after hearing another seller - there is less chance that a similar situation will happen. The efficiency of the entire department should include increases, also translating into the satisfaction of individual units.

Hybrid acoustic panel sizes

Depending on the size of the premises, we should arrange the number of panels on the walls around. It is worth considering the golden mean by which we will avoid excessive absorption of sound, but at the same time we will breathe a sigh of relief when the annoying echo goes into oblivion. When to take care of the appropriate acoustic harmony? It's best to start thinking about the right acoustics before working on the studio's construction. Scheduling individual elements and their arrangement in relation to acoustic panels will further increase the quality of the final soundtrack. Now you know exactly how to improve the sound quality in every situation by designing the interior design, finishing your premises. If you choose specific patterns for yourself, you will soon enjoy a new quality of sound. Choose acoustic ceiling tiles today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently questions asked by our Customers. We hope these answers will address any questions you might have about hybrid acoustic panels.

How much do hybrid acoustic panels cost?

Hybrid acoustic panels sold by asound.pl start at 249 euro. Prices vary depending on the materials used to make the panel and the graphics ordered.

What materials are the hybrid acoustic panels made of?

All panels are made from high quality absorbing material of high density, certified A1 as non-flammable. Wooden elements are made from stained and double-varnished 4 milimeter-thick beech plywood or a 4 milimeter-thick (depending on the type) wooden panel. The wooden elements are shaped with a computer-controlled milling machine for added visual effect and acoustic efficiency.

What colours of hybrid acoustic panels are available at your store?

Currently, acoustic panels can be ordered in any of 10 available colours (six colours for stained wood and four for painted panels).