Acoustic Adaptation – Buka

Recently we have prepared a room for Buka, which is already working on his new album. If you have not had a chance to get acquainted with his work, we recommend to listen to his previous songs:

Due to the fact that the room is located in the block, adequate sound insulation from neighbors was required. All the walls were additionally built with high quality mineral wool and double g-k plating. In addition to addressing the problem of outside noise, the room characteristics in the lowest frequency have been significantly improved. After completion of “construction” we have prepared a project with 3D visualization. In the room we used 18 Premium Absorber and 1 Binary Diffuser. One corner we adapted typically for recording vocals. After finish adaptation, the RT60 reverberation time over a wide frequency range has been significantly reduced to about 0.45s. Below our project and panorama photo after completed works.

Adaptacja akustyczna buka

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