Acoustic design with 3D visualisation and acoustic simulation

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    Acoustic design with 3D visualisation and acoustic simulation

    At Addictive Sound, we create professional acoustic designs that provide comfort and excellent sound quality. Our offer includes 3D visualisation and the possibility of advanced acoustic analysis in the leading software Odeon. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in the field of acoustics.


    • 3D visualisation of your room;
    • Optimal placement of Addictive Sound acoustical structures in the room, which guarantees excellent sound quality;
    • Presentation of two versions of the acoustic adaptation project, in order to accurately assess and select the solution that best meets your expectations and needs;
    • Possibility of advanced acoustic simulation in Odeon software;
    • Attractive offer of an up to 50% refund of the project value if you decide to purchase our acoustical structures.

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    Acoustic design

    After your purchase, we will send you a link to a special questionnaire to collect all the necessary information about your room: dimensions, wall materials (in the absence of this knowledge, we will assume an average value), some photos of the interior, as well as other important details that will help us better understand your needs. The estimated time needed to complete the questionnaire is between 15 and 30 minutes.

    The next step, depending on the design version you choose, will be:

    1. 3D-visualisation option: based on the data collected, we will carry out the necessary calculations and prepare two 3D-visualised versions of the project for you. We will present you with two adaptation proposals along with our offer.
    2. Odeon acoustic simulation version: Based on your data, we will carry out an acoustic simulation in Odeon software. Based on this, we will prepare a customised design and visualisations. Then, we will provide you with the visualisations, a report of the simulation results, and our offer.

    After viewing our design, the client has the opportunity to make suggestions and amendments at one time so that the final result is fully in line with their vision. 

    We attempt to complete projects within 7 working days, but in exceptional circumstances, this time may be extended.

    The 3D visualisation of the room will represent the size of the room and the location of the walls.
     In addition, room furnishings will be included in the design where possible, but using surrogate models (e.g. the appearance of a desk or wardrobe will differ from that in reality). The design does not take into account and does not show colour versions of the acoustical fixtures or the room.

    The design will include Addictive Sound acoustic panels and the Client will be provided with dimensioned wall elements with their positioning.

    The Client is entitled to one round of revisions, if necessary, to adapt it to their own guidelines and expectations.

    As an additional option, it is possible to purchase a simulation in Odeon and prepare a design on its basis. The customer will receive the reverberation time and the frequency response of the room before and after the installation of the systems.


    1. Despite using the most advanced tools, the result of the simulation may differ from the actual acoustic measurements. This can be influenced by many factors, such as different acoustic parameters of existing walls, the technique used to take the acoustic measurements, different humidity or pressure during the measurements, etc.
    2. Acoustic simulation software has a limit frequency below which it is more difficult to predict the propagation of a sound wave. The frequency is usually calculated from the formula: f = 2000 sqr( T60/ V ] [Hz], where: T60 - reverberation time; V – the volume of the room.The limit frequency is mainly relevant for very small rooms.
    3. In some rooms, due to their construction and the wall materials used, it is not possible to achieve the desired acoustics. When designing a room, Addictive Sound will make every effort to achieve the best possible effect in the room using the acoustic structures in our range.



    By purchasing Addictive Sound products for your acoustic project design, you can deduct some of the costs incurred for your design. How does it work?

    • Choose our products for at least twice the value of your acoustic project design and we will deduct 25% of the design costs from your purchase.
    • If your purchase exceeds three times the value of the project, we will reduce the purchase price by 50% of the design value.

    We have a specialist Norsonic measuring equipment for accurate on-site acoustic measurements. We carry out measurements in any room where acoustics are crucial. We analyse parameters such as reverberation time, STIPA speech intelligibility coefficient or insulation, all based on European standards.

    Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with us and we will present solutions that perfectly match your expectations. More information is also available here [link].

    Ideal for hanging in your home, studio, meeting room, club, school, pub, restaurant or any other place requiring improved acoustics. See how our products look in different interiors!

    Perfect for hanging at home, studio, conference room, club, school, pub, restaurant or other place requiring improvement of acoustics. See how our products look in different interiors!

    Współczynnik pochłaniania dla AbFuser WOOD 11 cm
    Idealny do powieszenia w domu, studio, sali konferencyjnej, klubie, szkole, pubie, restauracji czy w innym miejscu wymagającym polepszenia akustyki. Zobacz jak prezentują się nasze produkty w różnych wnętrzach!

    Acoustic Design

    Feeling challenged by the task of acoustically matching your room to your needs? No worries – you don't have to tackle it solo! Our experts are here to lend a hand.

    • Free of charge consultation:

    Email us at and provide:

      • Dimensions of the room

      • Purpose of the room

      • The materials of the walls

      • Some photos of the room

    You will receive a descriptive acoustic adaptation proposal from us within 24-72 hours, completely free of any further commitments.

    • Design service: Includes design with 3D visualisation and advanced acoustic simulation with the renowned ODEON software. Experience the difference!

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